Colour Corrections

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Teeth whitening

Straightening Teeth with Invisalign and teeth whitening at Aesthetic Dental Studio

The colour of the teeth is one of the main reasons for aesthetic treatment. First of all, strong discolouring agents as coffee, tea, tobacco or even some agents in the foods or drinks can cause stains in your teeth. The scale and polish normally eliminates minor surface stains and gives you back natural colour of your teeth.

Enlighten whitening kit

Firstly, we start with shade taking to check your initial shade. After the Airflow, impressions will be taken and special trays will be prepared for your teeth. Further, home kit will be used for two weeks. Finally, we will check the shade and one or more sessions of dental surgery application of the whitening material will be applied.

If you wish your teeth to be whiter that they are at present, we can offer you various treatments in our practice. In fact, the most conservative way is the whitening or bleaching. Aesthetic Dental Studio is a Regional Centre of Excellence for whitening with Enlighten. Most importantly is that with Enlighten we have the most predictable results.

Taking shade at Aesthetic Dental Studio

The final results

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Before and after
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Before and after
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Veneer Porcelain Shell at Aesthetic Dental Studio in Nottingham

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite applied directly to tooth structure. In that way, we can improve the colour of stained teeth if other option is not viable, alter the shape of the teeth or close spaces between the teeth. The preparation of the tooth most of the times is minimal and is remaining with enamel. The veneer bonded to the tooth permanently with a special material (luting cement). 

Veneers at Aesthetic Dental Studio in Nottingham
Close up female smile at Aesthetic Dental Studio