Examination and Hygienist Services

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Dental examination

Examination at Aesthetic Dental Studio in Nottingham

A dental examination is an important part of preventive health care. The first time examination includes examination of the face, mouth, soft tissues, tongue, palate and gums. After that, we examine the teeth for any possible decays, any defective fillings, and any other abnormalities. Most importantly, we take a series of x-rays. In that way, we check the status of the teeth.

In other words, we check if there is any decay, defective fillings, and most important, screening for cancer. As a result, any treatment will be discussed thoroughly with you. All the options for treatment (if needed) will be given. Furthermore, we will be happy to address any questions that you have.

Likewise, regular examinations every 6, 9, 12 months are very important and it is a good prevention tool for any oral disease. For that reason, we will discuss with you, what the best intervals of these appointments are. Together we will take a decision for that.

Hygienist Services

Scale and Polish

Healthy Beautiful smile at Aesthetic Dental Studio

Upgrading your smile begins with good oral health. Certainly, gum recession is a common concern in adults and most of the times is a result of the tartar (calculus). Moreover, it can be a sign of periodontal disease. Aggressive brushing also can cause gum recession. That untreated gum recession can cause bone loss and consequently tooth loss.

Our Hygienist/Therapist will remove the soft plaque and the tartar from your teeth. First of all, the plaque consists of a soft, sticky bacteria film (biofilm) which build ups on surface or the interproximal surfaces of the tooth. Tartar or calculus deposits, accumulate also on the surfaces of the teeth. In addition, it can be the same colour like the teeth or the colour is more dark and gives an unpleasant picture. The most important thing for the plaque and tartar is that both cause gum disease, which manifest with bleeding. Moreover, these can also give pain and bad odour from the mouth (halitosis).

Tooth with tartar (Calculus) and plaque

With the scale and polish, we clean the teeth. As result, we have a polished and cleaned surface of the tooth. In that way, the bacteria cannot stick on the surface and along with good oral hygiene the health of your gums and teeth will be achieved. Meanwhile, our hygienist will discuss with you and she will give you instructions how to keep you oral hygiene perfect.

AirFlow at Aesthetic Dental Studio

Scale and polish normally eliminates minor surface stains. However, stains from coffee, teas, tobacco or some food agents still will be attached to your teeth. Therefore, to eliminate these stains our hygienist uses a special equipment called Air-Flow. So, a jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles hit safely onto the surface of the teeth. Consequently, it polishes and remove debris and stains. With gentle application of kinetic energy there is no damage or scratch to teeth.

The advantages of AIR-FLOW® in a nutshell:

• Removes dental plaque and thus, it helps prevent periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis

• Removes teeth stains

• Helps maintain implants sound (where appropriate)

• Cleans and opens fissures for sealing

• Cleans prior to bonding of orthodontic brackets

The only CONTRAINDICATION for Airflow is moderate or severe ASTHMA.

After AirFlow stains have been removed
With Piezon at Aesthetic Dental Studio there is no pain
AirFlow at Aesthetic Dental Studio kills Biofilm