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Our Philosophy

At Aesthetic Dental Studio, our philosophy is centered on a holistic approach to your dental health and the natural beauty of your smile. Our team, a blend of zeal and seasoned expertise, is dedicated to crafting a care plan that resonates with your personal needs and desires. We uphold the pinnacle of dental excellence, continually elevating our practice with evidence-based advancements. Our commitment is to superior dental care, utilizing only the finest materials and methods with a track record of success. We thrive on the complexity of aesthetic transformations, sparking innovation and collaboration among our professionals. Above all, we champion the concept of unique smiles that embody the essence of you—beyond mere technical flawlessness, we celebrate smiles that are inherently natural and distinctly yours.

Meet Our Team

At Aesthetic Dental Studio, we take pride in our exceptional team of dental professionals. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise and compassion, ensuring that every aspect of your care is handled with precision and empathy. Our dentists, hygienists, and support staff are not only skilled but also dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where your comfort is paramount. Get to know the faces behind your dental care journey – they are the pillars that uphold our commitment to your oral health and aesthetic aspirations.

The Pillars of Excellence: Our Team’s Commitment to Your Dental Well-being

Dr Dimitrios Iliadis, DDS, MClinDent in Prosth Principal Aesthetic Dental Studio

Dr Dimitrios Iliadis, DDS, MClinDent in Prost (KCL) GDC Number 83072

At Aesthetic Dental Studio, we are proud to have Dr. Dimitrios Iliadis as a vital part of our team, whose extensive experience in dentistry spans over three decades. A graduate of the University of Belgrade in 1989, Dr. Iliadis embarked on his dental journey as a Doctor of Medical Dentistry, and his pursuit of excellence led him to further specialization at King’s College London, where he earned his MClinDent in Prosthodontics. His expertise encompasses a range of dental disciplines, with a particular focus on Prosthodontics, Invisalign, Aesthetic Dentistry, and Endodontics.

Dr. Iliadis has been shaping smiles with Invisalign for over 16 years, reflecting his dedication to providing cutting-edge and patient-friendly orthodontic solutions. His professional affiliations with the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) and the British Dental Association (BDA) underscore his commitment to staying at the forefront of dental advancements. As an esteemed author, Dr. Iliadis has contributed to the dental literature with publications that discuss the innovative use of ozone in dental treatments, emphasizing his advocacy for safe and natural dentistry.

His professional trajectory is as diverse as it is impressive. After serving as a dentist in the Greek Army and honing his skills in private practice, Dr. Iliadis established his own successful practice in Thessaloniki, Greece, before moving to the UK in 2006. His leadership at Aesthetic Dental Studio since 2014 has been marked by his passionate approach to dental care and an unwavering commitment to his patients. Under his guidance, the practice has flourished, embodying the perfect blend of artistry and science in dentistry.

Beyond his dental pursuits, Dr. Iliadis’s passion for technology has led him to explore the field of IT Computing at the Open University, with anticipated completion this year. His enthusiasm for integrating technology with dental science illustrates his forward-thinking approach, ensuring that our practice remains ahead of the curve in offering the most sophisticated and effective dental treatments. Dr. Iliadis’s unique combination of experience, education, and innovation ensures that our patients at Aesthetic Dental Studio receive exceptional care tailored to their individual needs.

Our medical Doctor for facial Aesthetics and skin care at Aesthetic Dental Studio

Dr Anika Chatziioannidou, DEAA, MSCPain, OstMed, DM-SMed, PgDip Skin Ageing Aesthet Medicine GMC Number 6035239

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Anika Chatziioannidou to our team at Aesthetic Dental Studio, where she brings her passion and expertise in minimally invasive facial aesthetic treatments to our practice. With a profound interest in facial cosmetics, Dr. Chatziioannidou has honed her skills through an intensive Master’s Degree program at Manchester University, focusing on Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine. Her philosophy is deeply rooted in a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation, a conviction that assures treatments are not only effective but sustainably beneficial for the long term.

Dr. Chatziioannidou’s methodology transcends conventional aesthetics, placing emphasis on individual patient needs and overall skin health. She appreciates the uniqueness of each patient’s journey towards aesthetic enhancement and dedicates herself to crafting bespoke care plans. Her dedication to skin care, combined with her skill in minimally invasive techniques, allows her to provide comprehensive treatments that aim to revitalize and restore natural beauty.

Her commitment to excellence is evident in her continuous pursuit of education and mastery of the latest advancements in facial aesthetics. Dr. Chatziioannidou has participated in an array of educational activities to deepen her theoretical knowledge and refine her practical skills. This dedication ensures that our clients receive the most current and effective treatments available.

For Dr. Chatziioannidou, the field of facial aesthetics is more than just a profession—it’s a passion. She views her work as a refreshing complement to her primary medical specialty, providing a synergy that benefits the well-being and confidence of our patients. Her arrival at Aesthetic Dental Studio is a testament to our dedication to providing a full spectrum of health and beauty services, tailored to the needs and desires of those we serve.



At Aesthetic Dental Studio, we take pride in introducing Dr. Nazar Syed, a pillar of surgical excellence and a compassionate practitioner. With an honours degree from Cardiff University in 2013, Dr. Syed has cultivated an illustrious career marked by years of dedicated service in hospitals. His learning journey has equipped him with profound expertise in complex oral surgery procedures. His tenure as an NHS Tier 2 oral surgeon and provider of intermediate minor oral surgery (iMOS) reflects his commitment to delivering comprehensive care that addresses the most challenging of dental needs.

Dr. Syed’s presence in our team enhances our capacity to offer a vast array of services including the surgical removal of wisdom teeth, apicectomies, and more, all with a gentle approach tailored to soothe the anxieties of our patients. His ability to administer treatments under Local Anaesthetic (LA) and intravenous (IV) conscious sedation, especially for those with heightened anxiety, demonstrates his patient-centric philosophy. His certifications and training in sedation from the esteemed SAAD reflect his unwavering commitment to patient comfort and safety.

Beyond his clinical roles, Dr. Syed is a true academic at heart. His postgraduate qualifications in medical education and dental implantology signify a practitioner who not only values continuous learning but also contributes actively to the education of his peers. His role in mentoring and leading oral surgery courses reveals his passion for sharing knowledge and enhancing the skills within the dental community. Whether it’s presenting at national conferences or publishing in peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Syed is a beacon of knowledge and a testament to our practice’s ethos of evidence-based care.

Dr. Syed’s professional journey is marked not just by his clinical acumen but also by his humanitarian contributions. His work with medical and dental volunteers in refugee camps underscores his profound sense of social responsibility. At Aesthetic Dental Studio, we are honored to have Dr. Syed as a key member of our team, where he continues to inspire confidence and offer unparalleled care to our patients.

Dr Iuliana Sofian-Pauliuc, BDS GDC Number 291803

Dr Iuliana Sofian-Pauliuc, BDS GDC Number 291803

Dr Iuliana Sofian-Pauliuc is an integral part of our team at Aesthetic Dental Studio, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and a vibrant passion for endodontics and aesthetic dentistry. Graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Seville, Dr. Sofian-Pauliuc distinguished herself early on, receiving honours in her final degree project and actively engaging in oral health education within the community. Her academic journey continued with a Master’s in Endodontology at the University of Chester, highlighting her commitment to deepening her expertise in saving teeth with precision and care.

Since joining our team in Nottingham, Dr Sofian-Pauliuc has rapidly become known for her meticulous approach to dental health, characterized by her philosophy of “prevent and save” rather than “cure or lose”. Her ability to provide comprehensive care is supported by a range of specialized training, from Invisalign to advanced courses in aesthetic and functional oral rehabilitation, and non-surgical facial aesthetics. Her dedication to professional growth ensures that she remains at the cutting edge of dental treatments and technologies, benefiting both her colleagues and her patients.

What truly sets Dr Sofian-Pauliuc apart is her empathetic approach to dentistry. She excels at managing patients who may feel anxious or have special needs, establishing a rapport through her excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Her open-mindedness to feedback and critique from her peers speaks volumes about her desire to continually refine her skills and contribute to a collaborative practice environment. With her proactive, creative, and organized nature, Dr Sofian-Pauliuc is not just a dentist but a trusted ally to her patients on their journey to optimal oral health.

At Aesthetic Dental Studio, Dr Sofian-Pauliuc’s ethos of preserving natural dentition aligns seamlessly with our practice’s vision. Her work in restorative and prosthodontic cases reflects her holistic approach to dental care, where every decision is made in concert with the patient’s needs and aspirations. Her dedication to her craft and her patients ensures that even the most complex dental challenges are addressed with the utmost care and proficiency.

Our hygienist at Aesthetic Dental Studio

Mrs Vicki Earnden, EDT, EDH GDC Number 2373

Mrs. Vicki Earnden, our esteemed dental hygienist at Aesthetic Dental Studio, has been a member of the dental community since her initial qualification as a dental therapist in 1979 from New Cross Hospital. Her passion for dental health led her to further her expertise, qualifying additionally as a hygienist at the prestigious Birmingham Dental School in 1983. Her early career was marked by a rich variety of experiences, predominantly focusing on pediatric dental care, where she honed her skills and developed a gentle approach that has become her signature style of treatment.

After a sabbatical to embrace the joys of motherhood, Mrs. Earnden made a triumphant return to the dental field in 2003, where she continued her noble work with the Community Dental Service. Her comeback reinforced her dedication, particularly in the areas of working with children and catering to the needs of special care patients—a testament to her compassion and adaptability. Her ability to create a comforting and reassuring environment for her patients underscores her commitment to providing exceptional dental care.

At Aesthetic Dental Studio, Mrs. Earnden is known for her meticulous work and her ability to put patients at ease. Her passion is evident in every interaction, ensuring that each patient’s experience is not just about achieving optimal dental hygiene but also about education and the promotion of long-term oral health practices. Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious, and she finds great joy in witnessing the positive impact of her care on her patients’ smiles and well-being. Mrs. Earnden’s expertise, combined with her warm and friendly demeanor, makes her an invaluable asset to our team and a favorite among patients seeking comprehensive and compassionate dental hygiene care.

Aesthetic Dental Studio at The Lace Market - Practice Front
Aesthetic Dental Studio through a Magic Ball

Our Practice

Welcome to Aesthetic Dental Studio, your premier destination for exceptional dental care nestled in the heart of Nottingham’s vibrant city centre. Located in the historic and fashionable Lace Market district, our practice blends the charm of the city’s storied past with the cutting-edge of modern dentistry. Our commitment to providing personalized, holistic dental services is matched only by our convenient location, making it easy for you to integrate your dental care into your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re a local professional, a busy parent, or a student in the city, Aesthetic Dental Studio is your gateway to a brighter smile and healthier life, right in the pulsing core of Nottingham.

44 High Pavement
Our practice replaces the old existing that served local NHS and private patients for many years.
The Lace Market
Practice is opposite of St Mary's Church in the city centre of Nottingham
We have fully refurbished the interior of the building and created state of the art practice that features two brand new surgeries
Reception with two separate waiting areas
Decontamination Room
The open decontamination room gives patients, if they wish, the opportunity to observe the whole decontamination process. The optimal hygiene and infection control is of paramount importance to us and the patients we treat.
3D Radiography Room
The practice is equipped with fully digitalised high quality state of the art 3D radiography. For us it means better quality of pictures and therefore better diagnostic and treatment planning (e.g. CAT scan technology to identify implant placement with accuracy) for the patients it means minimal X-ray exposure and therefore safety.
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