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Colour Corrections | Aesthetic Dental Studio | Smile you deserve

Colour Corrections

Teeth colour is one of the main reasons patients seek aesthetic dental treatment. Very often teeth discolouration is caused by everyday beverages such as coffee, tea or even red wine but also by tobacco and some agents used in foods and drinks.

The scale and polish can eliminate minor surface stains. AirFlow eliminates more stains and gives you back your original shade. 

If you wish your teeth to be whiter than they are at present we can offer you various treatments at Aesthetic Dental Studio in Nottingham to address that. The most conservative way is whitening or bleaching. We use Evolution 3 from Enlighten, which is considered to be one of the best on the market. We are proud that we are Enlighten's Regional Centre of Excellence in Nottingham.  

Another way to address teeth discolouration is with porcelain veneers through minimally invasive technique that ensures thin shells with the desired shade bonded on the tooth permanently.

Tooth whitening

 If you feel self-conscious about the colour of your teeth, you’re certainly not alone. After all, there are many ways that teeth can become discoloured through smoking, medication, drinking tea and coffee. Teeth whitening could be the perfect solution for you!

At Aesthetic Dental Studio in Nottingham, we are happy to tell to our patients that from May 2016 we are a Centre of Excellence for whitening with Enlighten. Enlighten is one of the best and safest products in the market. Enlighten is a Deep Bleaching Treatment that works by increasing the tooth's permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules. This is a combination treatment -- with a 2-week home treatment, followed by a 40-minute visit with the dentist. With long-lasting, brilliant results, Enlighten Tooth Whitening is a great way to dramatically whiten your teeth, while keeping them looking natural. With a guaranteed shade of Vita B1, you can look forward to having an amazing smile. Enlighten is different to most other whitening systems as it can dramatically whiten even the darkest of teeth, and could leave you up to 15 shades lighter. 

Our tried and tested whitening treatments can make your teeth pearly white again to ensure your smile is perfectly gleaming every time. You can whiten your smile with our custom-fitted whitening trays in the comfort of your own home -- or have a combination of chairside & home treatment. 

Smiling woman with close up to the mouth and her white teeth
Enlighten Accredited Professional Centre in Nottingham City
Enligten products


Veneers are thin shell of porcelain or composite applied directly to tooth structure. In that way we can improve the colour of stained teeth if other option is not viable, we can alter the shape of the teeth or close spaces between the teeth. The preparation of the tooth most of the times is minimal and is remaining with enamel. The veneer bonded to the tooth permanently with a special material (luting cement).

Metal free ceramic dental crowns
Beautiful woman pointing on her perfect white teeth.

Services to make you smile

Make life easy for yourself: At Aesthetic Dental Studio, we offer services that make your visit simpler and more pleasant.

Copyright May 2019 Aesthetic Dental Studio, All rights reserved

Copyright May 2019 Aesthetic Dental Studio, All rights reserved

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