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Restorations | Aesthetic Dental Studio

Restoration at Aesthetic Dental Studio in Nottingham

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Frontal teeth fillings with composite

Sometimes natural teeth due to trauma may break and either a small or even a bigger part of the tooth is lost. Also, decay (caries) can cause cavities in the frontal teeth. In the aesthetic zone (frontal teeth) the material of choice for fillings is the composite. Composites are resin mixed with a fine glass-ceramic powder. The tooth is prepared majority of the times with minimally invasive technique that spares  healthy tissue. Following that bonding system on the surface of the tooth is applied to help the filling material  bond properly with the tooth. The material is applied, shaped and hardened directly on the tooth. The newest state of the art filling materials give the aesthetics results close to the natural tooth appearance and their  resistance is similar to natural enamel. Different shades and techniques can give  excellent aesthetic results.

The treatment of a fractured tooth (incisor) - part of Beforeafter series.

Composites replacing old fillings and decayed teeth

Back teeth fillings with composite

The amalgam has been used in dentistry for more than 100 years although the aesthetic qualities of this material are less than satisfactory. The composite can replace successfully existing amalgam fillings and dramatically improve the aesthetics on back teeth. In many cases composite fills new cavities with good close to the nature aesthetic results. 

The techniques used for the back teeth depend on the size of the cavity and  can be: direct (immediate placement of the composite on the tooth), semi-direct (some part of the work is done outside of the mouth, chair-side and then the filling is placed on the tooth), indirect (with the use of a laboratory). 

Special composite is used for the back teeth chosen from a variety of different manufactures and well-known brands. In that way, excellent aesthetic results on back teeth can be ensured.

The aesthetic restoration of a lower molar tooth with composite resin.

Two treated teeth with composite dental fillings.

Root Canal Treatments

Inside of each tooth there is the dental pulp. Dental pulp contains nerves and blood vessels. Sometimes the dental pulp infected because of decay (caries) or fractured tooth. And sometimes this infection can cause bigger problems to the tooth and the area around it (swelling, pain, wobbly tooth). 

Root canal treatment is the procedure that we carry out and with that, we try to save the tooth. This involves cleaning of the necrotic (dead) tissue, prepare and clean the pulp and the canals of the teeth and finally fill all the cavity with a special material called gutta-percha. Sometimes the root canal treated teeth become brittle and it is recommended a crown on top of the treated tooth.

Decay Stages


 When a tooth is broken and/or a big filling failed, a crown can replace the missing part of the tooth. In some cases crowns also recommended in root canal treated teeth. Crowns can cover all the tooth (full) or a part of the tooth (partial). The material used are the same as in bridges (metal, bonded or full ceramic). The best aesthetic result can be achieved with the full (all) ceramic. We use the best material in the market and always we try to achieve the best aesthetic result without compromising a lot of healthy tissue. 

Porcelain Inlays on model

Porcelain full crown

Porcelain full crown


A bridge is a fixed replacement of one or more missing teeth. When a tooth or more teeth missing we can fill the gap with a fixed bridge. Special preparation of the adjacent teeth (front and back) needs to be done. In that way we cut (shave) some part of the teeth (we try always as less as we can - Minimal Invasive as possible) and we take impressions of the prepared teeth. With that impression a cast is prepared in the laboratory and on that cast technician prepares a customised bridge with different materials. 

Materials that can be used are: metals (not very common because of poor cosmetic value), bonded ceramic (metal from inside and porcelain from outside), zirconium/ceramic (the best aesthetic and functional result with tooth coloured material). 

An all-ceramic bridge

An all-ceramic bridge


In the event of missing more teeth or even all of the teeth dentures are a good solution. Best results can be achieved with the help of the implants. Two (in mandible - lower jaw) or four (in maxilla - upper jaw) implants augmented in the bone and after that a denture made supported by those implants. Retention is very good in that way and we eliminate the problem of loose dentures.

 Traditional dentures also are a good way to replace the missing teeth and we can provide different options and different materials. Some of them are Chrome Cobalt, Acrylic or Plastic (Valplast).

A full upper Denture

Chrome Cobalt removable Partial Denture

Complete upper and lower denture. To be fitted over implants

Services to make you smile

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Copyright May 2019 Aesthetic Dental Studio, All rights reserved

Copyright May 2019 Aesthetic Dental Studio, All rights reserved

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