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Examination/Hygienist | Aesthetic Dental Studio

Examination and Hygienist Services at Aesthetic Dental Studio in Nottingham


 A dental examination is an important part of preventive health care and includes examination of the face and mouth, the soft tissues in the mouth, tongue, palate, gums, the teeth and their number, any possible decays, any defective fillings, and any other abnormalities. During the first appointment series of x-rays are taken and the status of the teeth checked. Cancer screening is an important part of the examination process.

 Frequent examinations (every 6, 9, 12 months) are very important preventive tool  against oral diseases. The appropriate intervals between check ups will be discussed and mutually agreed depending on the patient's need.

collage of photographs on the theme of healthy teeth and Dental doctor

Scale and Polish

 Upgrading your smile begins with good oral health. Gum recession is a common concern in adults and most of the times is a result of the tartar (calculus) and periodontal disease. Aggressive brushing can also cause gum recession. Untreated gum recession can cause tooth loss.

 At Aesthetic Dental Studio in Nottingham, our hygienist/therapist removes the soft plaque and the tartar from your teeth. The plaque consists of a soft, sticky bacteria film which builds up on the surface of the teeth. Tartar or calculus deposits accumulate also on the surfaces of the teeth and sometimes is of the same colour as the teeth or the colour may be darker and give an unpleasant appearance. Both the plaque and tartar can cause gum disease, which manifests with bleeding, sometimes pain and bad mouth odour and this is why it is important to address that. With scale and polish the teeth are cleaned and polished, which prevents bacteria from sticking on the surface of the teeth and that ensures  good oral hygiene and preserves the health of gums and teeth. Our hygienist will discuss all these issues with you and will give you instructions on how to preserve excellent oral hygiene.

Teeth with tartar and stains

Before - Teeth with tartar and stains

Teeth cleaned from tartar but still with stains

After cleaning the tartar


The AIR-FLOW® (by EMS) involves projecting a jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles onto the surface of the teeth to polish it and remove debris. With gentle application of kinetic energy there is no damage or scratch to teeth.

 The advantages of AIR-FLOW® in a nutshell:

• Removes dental plaque and thus helps prevent periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis

• Removes teeth stains 

• Helps maintain implants sound (where appropriate)

• Cleans and opens fissures for sealing 

• Cleans prior to bonding of orthodontic brackets

The only CONTRAINDICATION for Airflow is moderate or severe ASTHMA.

Teeth cleaned with Airflow

After Airflow and stains removal

Airflow equipment


Services to make you smile

Make life easy for yourself: At Aesthetic Dental Studio, we offer services that make your visit simpler and more pleasant.

Copyright May 2019 Aesthetic Dental Studio, All rights reserved

Copyright May 2019 Aesthetic Dental Studio, All rights reserved

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